The Customer Factor

I have used TCF for couple years now. I have it linked with my Quickbooks and Quickbooks linked to my bank. Has anyone else gone into quickbooks and found one invoice not transfer from TCF. This happens every once in a while, and it’s a pain in the you know what to find out what that one check on that one deposit was. Just wondering if it’s only me or if there are other out there before the go to quickbooks and/or TCF.

I’ve noticed that the customer factor has “lost” estimates that had been accepted before. As in I cannot pull up the customers data when I know they have accepted it and still have the emails saying they have. I’ve lost a handful of people who have accepted but I didn’t write their stuff down. It is kind of annoying but for the most part it holds up. The biggest problem I have when it comes to accounting is that it never has the right customers name for my charge so I have to manually change it.

I still write down every single transaction I do with their name, amount, tax amount as a CYA

That sucks. Knock on wood, I have only had paid invoices not show up in QB’s. Trying to figure out if it’s TCF or QB’s issue. I know QB’s is not great or perfect.