The church limestone job!is history!


Nicely done. Why don’t you detail your process for the newer guys to bookmark and so it’ll be in forum history.


Love to hear this. Great work.

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Actually it was pretty simple,50/50 12.5 sh ,some of it I hit 2 times,let dwell 15 to 20 minutes,and 6 oz. Of elemonater per 5 gal.used roof pump


Some people on here said it wouldn’t work,some promised it would,you see the results,could not have done it with out some of you,thanks so much,oh yeah 10 hrs

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Nice work

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So how long did it take? If you don’t mind, what did you charge? Thank you!

About 9 hrs 2000.00


Awesome job,always thought SH would work on limestone with no pressure…

You were right, thanks

cold or hot water? I have a 100 y/o church coming up. lots of intricate designs (gargoyles etc.). Planning on using Heritage Restore for that and SH on the brick. Maybe SH for everything though we really want to get the designs back to original state.