Thanks Everyone

Hello all, My name is Steven I am a 35 year old father of three girls. I just recently found this forum and I would like to thank everyone who participates in putting all of this useful information in one location seems like alot to absorb. I’ve spent my entire working life busting my butt and tearing up my body for someone else to reap the real rewards and I believe that if i would have put in half of that effort into something for myself and my family I could be successful so here I am trying to take the first steps toward owning my own business. I’m sure all the questions I have are already answered on here some where so I’ll keep searching. And any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again


Welcome! I’m new myself, about 4 months in. There’s a LOT to learn for sure, just read everything you possibly can.

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When you search for an answer the huge bonus is all the extra information you find. It’s unbelievable! Good luck!


Welcome to the PWRA, be sure to bookmark good posts, you can access those in your profile. I also will click a link to a product and bookmark it on my internet browser to purchase later


Welcome. We like helping those who helpeth themselves first.