Thank you PWR community!

Hello all. I’ve lurked on here without registering for a few months, learning everything I possibly can about soft washing. As a teenager and in college I pressure washed for a window cleaning company, blasting anything and everything with high pressure. That was 15 years ago. I’ve always been an entrepreneur looking for the right endeavor and little did I know it was right in front of me. Happy to say that I just completed my first 2 residentially jobs! Could not have done without the help of PWR. This is a part time gig for now, finally got my wife to be a believer after collecting the first two checks. Probably 50-100 hours of YouTube and PWR and I felt extremely confident in the field.

Really hard to fathom that we were blasting $1m homes 10 years ago and getting paid to do so.

Thank you all!


Glad to see a recent success story in the NE. I’m just starting out with my research and hoping to be up and running in Queens and Long Island by Spring 2020. Lot’s of reading and planning ahead of me, but your post provided some extra motivation. Best of luck!

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