Thank You New Moderator Tim Fields

Tim Fields (user name Tim4) has graciously volunteered to join the mod team here at PWR.
Thank you, Mr. Man!

Tim’s the best :wink:

Go Tim!

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Shakin’ the bush boss, shakin’ the bush.

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uh oh, I’m gonna get banned :cool: :wink:

Hi buddy :cool:

congrats on the new job. :smiley: I wanted to post a dancing banana but they dont have that emoticon thingy here

Dancing bananas scare me

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Ps… Congrats Tim. You are a huge presence on here. A great fit in my opinion

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Thanks RD

Huge, maybe. Fit, not according to my Dr.

I also happen to have a desk job most days that allows me to slam the spammers back into their hole before working guys are bothered by them.

Congrats, Your signs were sitting on my porch when I got home from work last night. Fast as usual … Can I call you Mall Cop LOL

Thanks Tim, Hope you can stop the spam.

Thanks Tim, bout time!!!

Yay Tim! :cool: