Thank you for all the information

I am extremely thankful for all of the people and the knowledge on the forum. I have probably read every post. I’m a newbie and I’m starting to gain the confidence to land the bigger jobs and sell the higher priced tickets…

That’s because of all the knowledge that I have received here. Thank you.

I bid a job last week with little confidence and walked away knowing I didn’t get it. Today a bid a $700 dollar house wash. I had all the confidence because of the information from this site so thank you…oh and she said she had other quotes that were lower and wanted me because it sounds like I know what I’m doing…


Thank you again

Wash on my fellow brothers


house wash only, for $700? That’s up there man good job! What’s the size of the home?

House wash, front walkway ( drive way is good) and brick border for the landscape about 100 feet. The house is 2500 sq feet and not really dirty at all…

That’s still really high. Typical two story HW mostly vinyl is $275 and walkway/sidewalk maybe $100?

I guess it just depends on location.

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I agree definitely high, my highest was about low 400 but that was for a 5600 sqf house. But more power to you about getting the job just make sure it’s done really well

I don’t think it’s high at all. It’s just higher than what you’re charging. If you charged $1000 a home you’d think he was low. It’s just perspective. If his market supports that then it’s awesome.

Also if he washes 1 house at $700 and someone else washes 3 houses at $250 he definitely came out ahead on chemicals alone. Not to mention his labor, gas, and drive times.


That might hold some weight if every house wash he did was priced at $700 but that’s just not going to happen in any market, the only number that matters is the average price over a certain time frame to gauge market value, I’m betting a house wash only won’t average $700

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I think he’d watch less houses for sure. I also can’t speak to the market.

I would rather take volume over high price. More exposure/more referrals and work down the line.


Largest I’ve charged for 1 house wash was for a white 4K sq/ft home. As we all know, White House’s are a pain to wash. This house was fairly wide and 2 stories, so I charged $650 and the customer agreed. But the most I’ve made off 1 residential ticket ? $1200. House wash on his home, his metal barn of horses, and his smaller deck. Took me 3 hours to complete. Yes, all of that only took 3 hours. I was damn happy. They were out in the middle of no where but they had amazing water pressure. My 4 gpm was a mean cleaning machine!


I think the most I’ve gotten for washing a single family house was $1100 last year. It was well over 5k sq ft, with a lot going on. But the total ticket between washing their house and garage, cleaning the windows in the house, garage, fancy horse barn, and a small commercial kitchen came to over $3500. Did some windows and power washing for their property manager that same week, bringing the grand total close to $5k.

But I agree, without seeing more info, $700 sounds pretty high for a 2500 sqft house, @Greatdanepowerwashin. As your experience and proficiency improves, you might find a really happy balance between semi-premium pricing and high close rates.

I get between $300-550 for most houses in my area, which works out to around $250/hr for most jobs. My closing rate has been lower this year, but has typically been around 70%.


@Infinity Impressive !

There’s concrete and gutters in there to…

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