What do you call a house wash if it’s not a house. Commercial buildings. I’m asking for invoices and estimate. I’m struggling to come up with something. Sad right?

While we are at it, what are the other services listed as?

House Washing
Flatwork or
surface Cleaning
Driveway Washing
Deck washing
Fence washing
Building wash
Exterior cleaning
House bath


Exterior building cleaning/washing? I mean, keep it simple, but that would seem like an alright description to me.


For estimates on non residential structures I will either (a) call it a building wash and then in parenthesis briefly describe the property e.g. “service will include exterior building wash (powerwash 2 story brick building at 17. W Main St)”, etc, etc.; or (b) just describe the property e.g. "service will include powerwashing 2 story brick building located at 17 W. Main St.), etc.

Same thing for all the other services. Ill use some variation of the service i.e. Concrete/Driveway powerwash, and then describe the specific services in detail in parenthesis.


Getting paid is what I usually call it:grinning:


Main thing to worry about is wording the itemization/explanation correctly so you don’t get called back a day later asking why xzy wasn’t washed because it either wasn’t excluded in the contract and was assumed, or you accidentally left it in.


I itemize the general surfaces:

Building wash
North wall
Dumpster pad
Dumpster wall
Bay doors

Etc, i like to have separate prices for each item, in case they want/don’t want something done, and not just lump every surface under pressure washing in the description

You can specify which surface is getting done if there’s multiple by saying North/South/East/West , or specify to the entrance of X building