Terminology: Pressure vs. Power

I know that on Google, if you look at the search statistics, the phrase “Pressure Washing” has more hits per month than the phrase “Power Washing”

Do you think the public has a perception of the use of words in a company name?

Does one phrase cause the consumer to perceive it as a better or friendlier service?

There has been alot of talk about SoftWash as well.

I think because it can be easy to get into this business with an inexpensive Department Store Pressure Washer and make your investment back in a single day, does that segment of contractor think of the industry as a whole in a different way?

What are you opinions?

That’s why I didn’t use either in my company name. I didn’t want my business to be thought of as a one horse dog and pony show. No offense to anyone, I may have over thought it myself. I tend to do that with almost everything lol

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I think the “vast” majority of consumers relate more the words “Pressure-Power Washing” and those searched key words prove that. To me it’s nothing to shy away from but more of something to use to educate the customer on your website or sales call.

Consider consulting an expert, especially if you’re in a field in which your company name may influence the success of your business because coming up with a good business name can sometimes be a complicated process.