Tennis Courts

Anyone ever clean tennis courts? If this goes through it will be time to invest in a surface cleaner for sure! Any suggestions or just pw like regular concrete? I don’t wanna pull up any paint.

Do not put much pressure on the tennis court with a surface machine or you will leave “Paths” all over the place and they will be noticeable when the court dries-- then you’ll be screwed.

Where doing a tennis court for a celeb this Tuesday. I’ll give you a hint-She was the supermodel that Howard Stern kept talking about in his movie “Private Parts”.

If your going to use a surface machine put the bar the highest away from the surface with large tips so only minimal pressure comes out because you do not want to Zig-Zag the paint on the court. What we do is pretty much soak down the Tennis court and then apply a strong soap mixture and let it sit there without it drying by misting it and then we power rinse the court clean.

Don’t be fooled when your cleaning the court and everything is wet when your using the surface machine and you don’t see anything unusual going on-- because when it dries you’ll see all the paths you left with the surface machine-- How do I know this?? We done it in the past but that customer decided to just get the court repainted afterwords so we got lucky on that one…

Good luck

Really, 1 response! No one has done tennis courts before except John?

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Tennis courts are no bargain. Borderline headaches at times but when they pay well I come running. Here’s one of the ways we clean them with just x-jetting soap all over them… I have another picture somewhere maybe on my website where we are using surface machines on a tennis court. If I can find them I’ll post them here.

Thanks John

This is as close to a painted concrete thread I could find.
Would you use SH to clean this as well or just soap. I have a painted driveway and porch to clean.
I have low psi tips in the surface cleaner but will probably not use it at the risk of damaging the paint.

Just me…but I would not do a tennis court…too likely to have paint problems.

There is a great thread somewhere about tennis courts and included how much PSI is needed what type of mix and which tips to use for his machine to avoid etching paint in the court I believe it was @Racer who gave the advice. So if you find that post you will be good to go.