Tennis Court

I know how I want to do this and about what I want to charge. It’s 3 courts 14,000 sq. ft.
But I am wondering how long (if I get my price) would this take me.
Should I expect to take longer than concrete. (Concrete takes me a super long time with my set up as it is). I think so based on what I’ve read about rinsing.
4GPM UDOR 16" WW Ultra downstream injector
No X-Jet or soft wash system yet but it’s HOA I have to submit a bid there would be time to get larger tips and X-jet if needed.
Court is being resurfaced after the clean and the client wanted to make sure that I would be using surface cleaner even after I explained that it’s not always best. (Probably why they need a resurface). I said I would but with much lower pressure.

Single court takes little under 3 hours. Don’t use a surface cleaner. You will need an zjet, about 15 gallons of 12.5 per court, a blower, a bigger machine.

You softwash only correct ? Rinse with a wide fan tip low psi

SH SH SH, let the SH do the work for you… let it dwell… those courts can take SH very well…

I agree no SC it removes too much if that green layer off

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I’d put that in writing and have them sign that. There are several threads on this forum about cleaning tennis courts. @dcbrock did one and I think @Grizz listed one before as well. I haven’t seen grizz on here in awhile (he was racer’s padawan).

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You are the same guy that let a customer talk you into washing rocks his way aren’t you?

Man, with a 4gpm I’d skip it. I had a dickens of a time with a 5.5, took a lot longer than expected. I did use a SC using about 1500psi tips, had some issues with striping and rinsing was a real chore.

If the guys are saying to use bleach instead, by all means. I don’t know how bleach can remove baked on dirt, but they know more than I do by a long shot.


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I did a single tennis court this year and did use a surface cleaner. I installed 1121 2505 tips on my 5.6 GPM machine. Took about 3 hours and charged $450. Used an x-jet to lay down the bleach, pail was 60% water 40% bleach, worked out well. With your machine expect it to take more than 3 hours and price accordingly. If you get the bid contact whoever you buy parts from, tell them you want tips for your surface cleaner. I won’t disagre with dcbrock’s suggestion but I don’t recall my PSI being that high but maybe I’m remembering wrong. PLAN on using your pressure washer but TRY a small part with the surface cleaner. BUY a pressure usage so you know what your pressure is.


You won’t see the green come off til you finish and have to scoop it up lol!

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Mix wasn’t strong enough. I would have went strait SH with the xjet no proportioner. Turned out great anyway though.


I guess it’s the same with the rocks. It was done incorrectly before (not by me) and they want me to do it incorrectly again.

I think I will bid on it and perhaps make up a little contract explaining the procedure. I think I could X jet the whole thing. And then just rinse with a fan tip low pressure. I get good SH 2.5 gallons for about 4.50/5.00. But the client is price shopping. The client said the resurfacing company was going to power wash the court before they resurface and the HOA is looking for a better price on the cleaning part. I could tell them the reason they need resurface is because they have been getting it done incorrectly.

Educate them on the process and its benefits. If it seems they are looking for a good price over good results don’t waste your time.

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Washing them is the easy part, rinsing them is the hard part, especially if drainage not good. Make sure you blow it good before you start. And get in writing that it’s prep for resurfacing, and that you’re not liable for flaking - use your xjet or 12V to put down about a 2-3% mix and use your SC if that’s what they want. I’d be about .20/ft for it.


Go do a demo. Tell them you’d like to show them what you can do. Bring a pump sprayer with 3-4%. Spray it on and see how it looks

I brought my machine the first time but because of the water hook up didn’t do the demo. Wish I had for myself to see results.

They did have a drainage problem there and client mentioned they installed a ditch with rocks. The client admitted they are price shopping. They’re getting proposals and then voting at the HOA meeting. I was going to do .10 sq. ft.

I was thinking about submitting some information or an article along with the bid because if it’s just prices they might not have a reason to pick mine. Maybe that’s the key.

You dont need your machine to do a test spot with a pump sprayer.

No, you talk to them in person and explain it.

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Their HOA will probably be a Zoom meeting.

One more question I have is would it be fair to say based on these pictures, that the surface was damaged by being done incorrectly. Should I mention that it needs resurfacing because of that. Or should I avoid that type of discussion and just talk about how it should be done from here on out.