Tennis court surface cleaner

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I’m looking for specific recommendations for a large surface cleaner to power rinse tennis courts. I have an 8gpm machine and 550 gal buffer tank.

I’ve always just used an old 4gpm Whirl-away surface cleaner for concrete, and it’s been fine for my purposes. It’s no good for tennis courts; the nozzles are far too close to the surface being cleaned… even high-flow fan nozzles are too close to the court surface.

Any specific info or success stories to share on 8gpm surface cleaner models and appropriate MEG tip sizes for tennis court surfaces would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t put a surface cleaner on a tennis court. Blow it with a blower. Xjet straight 12.5, or one of those fancy 12.v pumps, rinse with low pressure


What’s the court made of? Tennis courts come in various surfaces.

Acrylic with asphalt or concrete base (“hard courts”)

I’ve never done an acrylic one, done plenty of concrete ones, I soft wash them like @Innocentbystander said. I’ve had a few chip off the stripe work in the past with a surface cleaner on the concrete ones I’ve done.

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Hurri Clean uses surface cleaners but I don’t know what PSI they are using.

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I guess you can never know for sure the condition of the paint until it starts to flake because of the pressure, I’d soft wash it. I believe this has been discussed before in this forum, try to find it!

Several threads on it:


I can’t stress enough that older tennis court finishes will cause you nothing but heartache, please trust me on this one. You can make it 1000 times better than it was but if you leave one stripe your a POS in the tennis community. My questionable advice is strong SH mix, high flow rinse and call it good.

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That’s so true, the club that I cleaned for told one of my guys “you better touch that line up!, it’s throwing our games off buddy” haha we laugh about it to this day.

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Next time I talk to DJ I’ll ask him what tips he used with that surface cleaner.