Tennis Court bid

Im bidding a 118x58 tennis court, never done one of these. Asphalt material with some surface dirt. Anyone have experience with this? What would you bid at? My machine is 3.5 gpm…and im anticipating it being an 8 hour job. Any info is greatly appreciated!

I assume you didn’t use the search function. There are quite a few threads about cleaning them.
As far as pricing, you need to figure that out on your own. Everyone’s market, equipment, speed of cleaning, material cost, is different…

I did search around on Google but did not see any forum posts from this site. The community on this forum seems to be very knowledgeable and professional so ill check out the search on here as well.

It would be a $1,000 job in my neck of the woods…

Where are you located at @Fatdaddy? Just curious. I am in Illinois about an hour and fifteen west of Chicago

Tennessee 100 miles from Memphis
I just charge higher prices, I don’t get the job fine.
I have had many it bid on and don’t get… I just (bystander don’t agree) do a good job, I follow up go BACK to the job “just checking anything I missed” some things i miss
Another will come along, it has so far…

Word of mouth goes a long way. I think i will start doing follow up visits on jobs as well

Have you established an hourly rate? My pricing lines up with my desired hourly rate, so take your hourly rate x 8 hours them add cost of chemicals and materials, even mark them up 10% of you want some wiggle room.

If you’ve got roof system soft wash it

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I agree with @Racer. Hit it with SH and you’ll be surprised how much faster it goes.

@Racer Can you explain what you mean by Roof system? And i got the job fellas, cleaned a test area for him last week and i start the job tomorrow. Thanks for the input everyone.

12V pump, air system,booster pump. Whatever you have for Direct application

Congrats on getting job. A ton of posts on cleaning tennis courts, just google it

@ 3.5 gpm you will need the patience of a saint

As the others have said - bleach at about 4 or 5% (I typically use 80 - 100 litres, that would be 20 - 25 of your freedom gallons), some pressure to lift it all out of the textured surface (a surface cleaner at less than 1500psi, a water broom, or a fan tip) and lots & lots of rinsing.

Seriously, consider hiring a bigger machine - your back, shoulders & patience will thank you.

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