Tennessee Pressure Washing Legalities

Hi everyone,

I am really wanting to get a pressure washer business started in TN. My beginning goal will be to do this as a side job with the hope and dream of growing this to be a full time thing. I am currently in the research phase. I am trying to do this legally from the beginning and am getting a little lost on exactly what all will need to be done in order to operate legally in TN. Can any other TN folks help me out? Thanks in advance!!

Unfortunately from what I know to get your pressure washers license in TN you have to do a formal, 2 year apprenticeship with a licensed Master Washer as well as get all your own certs. In TN you also have to register with the local EPA office.

Ok yeah, that’s not correct.

From what I gather it’s fairly simple, best thing to do is contact a reputable business in TN and be honest with them about what you’re looking to do.


I was mostly responding to the <1min read time :wink: