Temperature and results

Been researching and running some tests on doing roofs, results have been positive and I can dial in my mix pretty accurately.

Haven’t been adding anything into the roof mix as I don’t have roof snot readily available. But since I am still in the learning stage I am just using my 2 gallon pump up sprayer. Just doing small sections and if needs a little more because it ran off I just hit it again.

As I am looking to set the right expectations for future customers, had some questions about time frames with temperatures. I deal primarily with moss on roofs here. If I were to spray the roof with no rinse, I know it can take a month plus and a few good rains to knock most of it free.

We are entering our summer here now, so that can mean temps at 30 to 35 deg celsius (Google convert 85-95 F). Will that speed up how fast the moss fully dies and releases from the shingle? Very low humidity at this point. In my mind it makes sense that it would, coupled with extended periods of no rain and constant heat might hasten the process.

Just trying to gauge some options I can offer and what I might run into. Some clients I have talked to aren’t too worried about decreasing a little roof life (more matured roofs, just trying to get another 5 years or so before planned replacement) so they would prefer moss fully removed and then treated. Others aren’t caring if it takes a few months; those I am scheduling in late September, end of year clean up of everything before winter.

But some clients are wanting the most gentle removal to preserve the shingles. In my mind that was looking like spray roof mix, wait a week, then come back and Rinse off the dead White.

Each has their own price point, but the last one is where my question was more aimed at; will let me know where the return trip will be most effective.

Thanks! Have a happy sky noise and lights day down south.