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Last week a fleet manager called me as he was looking for someone to wash his fleet. They have not washed in about 6 years. so my son and i went and gave them a demo using citriprep and black cherry with mixed results a lot of brushing on the back of the cab 5th wheel grease back there. So i am going back with the soap guy tomorrow to try panel brite and some stuff for the tanks that we could not get real clean. he has to sell this to the cfo he came from another big trucking company that always washed. My question is i have a 4gpm 4,000 psi hydro tek washer. If i land this will that be big enough to wash 140 trucks they are day cabs and they do not have a routine in place for washing yet remember they have not washed in 6 years but we will have to wash on weekends no biggie just wondering how many trucks you guys think i can do in a 10 or 12 hour day with this machine he would want the whole truck washed frame and all. new at this fleet washing thing.

Is it a hot water machine? If not don’t even bother. You CAN clean with cold water, it just sucks. Especially with grease, doesnt matter what product you use, you just push the grease around. Depending on how soiled it is you should be able to bang a truck out in a time range of 20 min to an hour and a half

I have two 8gpm units, and we do a fleet of trash transfer trucks every other week. We two step with HF acid first and then a high PH brown derby. Sometimes i have to spray a full strength degreaser on heavy greasy areas then pw.

These are trailers and cabs. I do between 25 and 35 pieces of equipment each 8 hr. visit. With 4gpm, i would expect smaller numbers of units.

Bob you are a pro lol…

Yes Tim it is a hot water machine. We did a demo on a truck today took us about 30 minutes and this truck was bad. I would post pictures on here but have not figured out how to do that here. but if you guys go to facebook and lookup pure pressure cleaning solutions you can see some before and after picts.

Bob, you really seem like a pro at fleet washing. I checked out your website and I can see you do great work.

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The first wash will always take longer. Especially in this case. You’re probably going to be looking at 5 pieces an hour with a lot of brush work. I’d run a 3 man crew for this job.

With two step do u still have to brush

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At 4gpm you’ll average 1 piece per man every 45-55min if cleaned every two weeks.