Taping door locks

Do any of y’all guys tape door locks fuse boxes stuff like that before pw a house

We unplug stuff. We wash around outlets quickly. We pay the electrician $75.00 to replace a thirty year old defective outlet that shorts out. Once each five years. We’re about due, Thanks for asking.

we washed a apartment complex last week and forgot to tape around an ac fuse box and had a few blow

I have never taped a ac fuse block in my life.

I tape over door bells, locks & recepticales. 10 min of your time can save you a headache & an unexpected bill.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

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Ten minutes of time increase our labor bill by twenty percent on some jobs. You probably have a good point on doorbells though.

alot of the houses in new orleans are very old with bad wiring were not sparaying the fuse box one time we were downstreming no pressure and a ac fuse box started smoking water driped in so know we tape them

exactly customers apprecaite the little things especially protecting there property

Townhome complex a few weeks ago, no bulb in outside light and it was turned on! Breaker didn’t trip, popping, sparking and flaming, scared the crap out of the guys.

We tape over electrical outlets and doorbells, as well as fuse boxes. Use painter’s tape (the blue kind) which doesn’t leave a sticky residue and some 1 or 2 mil drop cloth.

I cleaned a home one time where the insulation on the service going into the house was worn & very old. I had some sparking & smoking. No one was home so I got scared & called the FD. Luckily there was no fire. So I know what the experience is & take all precautions.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

That must have been a heart dropper!

I always get worried washing around the service entrance area. That’s def an area that requires a soft touch.

Good move calling the FD. Glad it turned out ok.

Luckily I’m a fireman & my dept showed up. No busted windows or doors. Lol

John Devine. allwashedupny.com


So true. Im in a related industry and I see it all the time.

There is an audible fire alarm and nobody is home. No signs or smell of smoke…and both front and back doors get forced entry.

Nature of the beast i guess…

John, had the same exact issue with sparking and popping on worn service line. Called the utility company and they came out and replaced it for the customer. I also have the guys tape all receptacles, switches and doorbells.

I always take precautions like this before spraying. Just 5-10 mins taping everything up can save you from loads of worry or potential damage.

May seem like a stupid question, but what kind of tape do y’all use?

Frog tape here. No particular reason except when one of the guys tapes over the sockets underneath the weather covers they leave a little flag so there’s a visual check that it’s covered.

The bright green is easy to see on blue and tan houses when the other kinds of painters/masking tape isn’t.


Frog tape because it comes in a nice little plastic box. I only wish I could get perfectly sized boxes like that for duct tape and electrical tape and drywall tape and every other kind of tape that gets wet and dirty and disgusting from banging around my garage.