Tape recommendations?

Last year I use scotch brand and frog tape (exterior). For PW I think either one was fine, but when I was painting/staining they performed a little poorly. I also used an automotive masking tape that seemed to be a little better.

Other than the caulk or razor slice tricks, does anyone have a good recommendation on an exterior tape that takes water and chems as well as paint and stain and sun?

My biggest issues are those post lights on decks, some paints readily adhere to that plastic. I double bag the tops and then tape the bottoms. Tape has to last at least 10 days due to possible weather/rain delays (most tapes say how long they can be on for).

Thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations would be appreciated.

I use this tape and it sticks well even when wet but also comes off when you want it to

You can find it in Home Depot / Lowe’s

Rick turned me on to this. Pricey but is awesome. It’s almost like a thick plastic tape but tears easy.


How are you liking your Hydromax and the Kohler? That efi engine is a beast. I haven’t done a bucket test yet but I bet I get close to 9 or 10 gpm when low pressure washing.

thanks Brian I’ll check it out. Nice to see you on the forums again.

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I use the same tape. I have 5 different kinds on the truck and it’s by far the best.

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I’ll have to try that tape out next! I’ve tried blue painters tape, the frog tape, now I’m on this yellow stuff. Next will be the red!

It’s an absolute beast. I’ll have to do a bucket test because I still haven’t done it yet. I’m able to surface clean around 2000 sq/ft per hour. I’m not sure if that’s good or not but it’s freaking amazing for me compared to what I was achieving before

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