Tank vs Skid

Trailer vs Tank Skid: Appreciate responses so far. So here’s my question: Looking to step up to a hot pressure washer from our small cold machines, like the idea of a tank, and a recovery system. We do no fleet washing, but mostly large commercial campus (think office park ,hospital ,university).

I like several of the trailers (i.e. Hydrotek).

I already have a very heavy duty small tandem trailer (about 6 x 10, 10,000lbs, brakes, etc) we use occasionally(once a month, max) to transport our scissor lift. It is set up for a winch, and is low slung with ramps, that can be removed.

My question is, should I look at a tank skid, add heavy casters and winch it on and off when we need it (we have no forklift), or go with a dedicated pre made trailer? The tank skid would have a smaller footprint in our very crowded shop, and is obviously cheaper, (not another trailer to tag, insure, etc). I hate the idea of constantly using another trailer while this one sits idle…but those trailers with the recovery systems sure are purdy…


You could always get a water dragon skid. And maybe a separate skid for water recovery. That way you can take both when needed, or just the pressure skid if reclaim isn’t needed. As far as everything on one skid, I haven’t seen it but I’m sure someone would build it at a price.

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How would you take it on and off without a forklift or crane?

Besides a hand truck I have that can be used as a fork lift to lift up to 750lbs about 4’ high, we use an electric winch that can pull around 3000lbs up and down a ramp. A winch like that will run you about $300 and all it needs is a battery to hook into.

So you put it on a hand truck, then pull it up with a winch?

Wouldn’t be the easiest to do, but yes you could winch it on and off.

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