Tank prices

Who has the best prices on tanks… say 100 gallon and lower… thank you in advance for the help

I’d always buy local. Shipping on tanks is HIGH. So it depends on what is near you really.

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I have seen afew at tractor supply… they are priced high and not exactly what I had in mind as far as shape and size… I will continue to look around… thank you @TexasPressureWashing

I know panhandle powerwash supply has the 55 gallon square vertical tanks, shipping ain’t cheap on them but they send them thru ups and not freight

Ok cool I will check them out

See if you have a Tank Depot near you. If not, Tractor Supply price matches. They may tell you it’s only for local competition. Which is not true according to their policy. I’ve found that Blaine’s Farm and Fleet has great pricing on tanks so I’ve had Tractor Supply price match their online prices.

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I seen that tank depot has good prices

Try your local pressure washer store. Mine set me up with a nice chem tank and even plumbed it for me.

@dcbrock thanks for that info… I will see what they have available

Price match at Tractor Supply. Then there is no pesky shipping fees.

Just a word to the wise… Tractor Supply had their supplier change the lid of the horizontal tanks that Tank Depot sells. Why? Because it allows them to legally change the SKU #, and classify the entire tank as a different product, even though they’re both made by the same company . When you pull up the Tank Depot one at TSC, they’ll tell you to go kick rocks.

I went through this last spring, trying to get the 65 leg tank at the same Tank Depot price. I was so furious I spent almost an hour talking on their corporate line, only to be told “it’s got a different product number, there’s nothing we can do”

That sucks… so basically there is no price matching at tractor supply

“if you find a lower price on an identical product from a competing retailer, we’ll match it.”

They’re the exact same tank, but since they changed the part number, they’re no longer “identical”. Yes I’m still mad lol

I think they’re pretty good about it normally, but they were losing a lot of money on tanks and needed a loophole

Yeah that’s a load of BS. I mean, if you want to charge 20% more than everyone else by all means go ahead but don’t move the goal posts to do it and don’t cower behind your own policies to justify it.

That being said, most TSC employees make very little money and honestly just don’t care. At least my local ones don’t.

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My local store tried to give me some gruff about price matching on tanks with the whole local competition only thing. That’s why I usually have them match Blaine’s Farm and Fleet. When I showed the cashier girl the ad she said yeah Blaine’s sounds local lol

The best price in my area was at Rural King.

One more thing to consider: If you’re within a 2-3 hour drive of the manufacturer’s shipping terminals or factory, it may be worth it to drive there and pick it up, if it saves enough after you consider fuel costs and time lost. I was looking at some tanks recently and considered that option, but went with a TSC tank in the end.

Thats a good idea thank you @Atlas1

I bought my last 200 gallons tank from Marketplace on facebook. Here in Florida lots of people sell their equipment online during this time of year.

Also this guys are decent with their prices