Taking PWRA Logo up on a lift

This is a job we did today. From here my guys left for the city to do one of our Monthly commercial cleaning accounts which was about an hour from here.

This bldg here we do alot of work for the owner. We cleaned this entire bldg last year when this owner bought it. I got this job from networking on the bb’s initially. So you never know where you can get work from. In this case here a sign was removed so we went there today to clean the spot and then patch the holes. It was around 3 hrs worth of work with a price tag of $2700(Lift price is included) The city commercial job pays about a $1000 which is a monthly that I had now for 12+ yrs.

This is why we diversify all the time because I follow the money. We also stripped and stained a house this week as well.

Thought you PWRA members and potential members might get a kick out of the PWRA Logo going airborn :cool:

anyone here own their own lift?

I owned for around 10 yrs a bucket truck(Cash cow)… but all the lifts we use which is a few times a year I rent from Sunbelt Construction Equipment Rentals & Tool Rentals – Rental Equipment, Rent Tools & Equipment | Sunbelt Rentals


Do you still have the bucket truck? If not, why not get a new one? There is a auction near me twice a year and they often have used bucket trucks. I wanna pull the trigger and own one, but we haven’t gotten a lot of work yet to justify the expense.

Get one. For years when I worked on my own I use to drive that F-350 7.3 liter Power stroke Diesel bucket truck with a trailer to all jobs. I bought that truck for 10grand including the paint job. It had less then a 100,000 miles on it and also had a built in generator that I powered my house to when we had black outs.

The thing with me is now I have employees and we do jobs that go way higher up because the money is higher up. So I rent lifts now when I need them.

Thanks for the advice John. The three bucket trucks they had at the auction last year had over 150,000 miles and I still got out bid once they reached over 8 G’s. This year I’ll come with more $$$ and hopefully get lucky.

Nice bucket truck John.