Tahoe's First Trailer Build

Hey guys, so I finally have my trailer build finished for the most part. I still have to put the front siding up to protect my machine from rocks while driving.

I was hesitant to even post it up here because I know my harbor freight trailer with plywood decking isn’t ideal. Although I’m quite surprised how sturdy it feels, I only plan on having it this first season until I buy a new work truck with a flat bed. For now I pull it with my H3 Alpha.

I started it up and ran it for about an hour yesterday and everything is working beautifully.

4x8 Haul Master Trailer with treated plywood, stained & sealed.
5.5 GPM Belt Drive
16" Whisper Wash Ultra Clean
35 Gallon Buffer Tank
Hudson Float Valve
GP Hose reel with 200’ of grey pressure hose.
100’ of Flexzilla supply hose on a steel garden hose reel I got from Amazon (I’m running my supply through the reel for now, but will end up bypassing it as some of you do, if I notice the water being restricted too much.)
Xjet M5

It’s been a fun process getting to this point.

Also wanted to say thank you to everyone here on this forum for being such a huge help and making this place an awesome resource of information. Most of the questions I had only took a simple search here to find countless answers.


Looks good. Now install a box to store various wands and fittings or store gallons of SH.

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Thank you! And yes, a box is also on my list. I was looking at some trailer tongue boxes that I will most likely pick up this weekend. Also, may add a couple milk crates to hold my SH containers in. I have 2 of these 5 gallon jugs I plan on using to hold my SH.

I actually use those as well.

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Looks good. As long as it’s safe and makes you money don’t worry about what people on a forum say.


Appreciate that Bill! It feels very safe. Coming from a trucking background, I’m meticulous about doing my daily inspections, so any signs of safety related wear & tear will be taken care of immediately.