T1 11 wood siding

So my uncle has a camp that they are going to paint this year. Attached is a pic. Just normal house wash mix?

i did search but maybe its called something different then around here

If its just a prep for paint then you domt need to use any thing but water. You could ds some soap first but its not really necessary. Basically you just need to remove the dirt, cobb webs, and physical debris. Use a cobb web brush or a broom or something similar to remove as many webs as possible before you start washing. Wet cobwebs are a huge pita and sometimes dont rinse off as easily as you would think.


Sounds good. What soap is preferred on this?

I use soaps specifically designed for pressure washing but you can pretty much use whatever. Dawn, tide, arm n hammer, etc. That looks like wood from the pic but if it’s vinyl don’t use dawn. I would suggest you try just using water at first. 40° (white) nozzle and keep a good distance from the siding so you don’t damage it with pressure.

Its painted wood… tha k u for the help

No problemo. Good luck