T shirts 100% polyester high quality

It’s taken me a month of ordering and returning various shirts to find the right one. I thought I could share this with you guys and save you some trouble if in the market for new shirts.

These shirts are 100% polyester. They are heavy weight material but also soft and comfortable. By far the best shirts I have found.


Do they stink when they get sweaty. I stopped buying poly shirts because you can’t get the stink out


I do t have that problem since I started using this detergent

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Thanks @Harold do they shrink in wash /dryer ?

Np. No. Polyester doesn’t ever shrink as far as I know.

If your poly shirts have that mildew-y smell immediately upon getting wet:

Put in washer like usual and start the load. Once the washer fills up, open the lid (which stops the cycle, at least on mine) add about a cup or 2 of standard white vinegar. It’s about $2-3/gallon at any grocery store.

Let it sit with the vinegar in the water for a half hour or so, then close the lid to resume the wash.

No more mildew smell. And no, your shirts won’t smell like Easter eggs. The vinegar dissipates before they’re out of the dryer.

No idea how to bastardize this method if you have a front loader so don’t ask. Ha.

Source: a lifetime of playing and coaching baseball. I know the mildew smell all too well.

You can stop a front loader and open the front. You might need to dilute the vinegar before adding. Great tip. Thank you.

I add a cup or two of white vinegar in the bleach dispenser of our front loader. Works great on my musty window cleaning towels.

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Yeah I’m sure it’s the type of thing our moms and grandmothers have been doing forever. They just never shared the knowledge.

It’s probably filed away in the Mom Hack folder alongside ‘The Perfect Grilled Cheese’ and ‘How to Fold a Fitted Sheet’