Swivel shooting water

There’s 4 holes in my surface Cleaner swivel. it’s been working fine pulled the trigger this morning and spraying water out the holes. I’ve never had this happen.

Replace the swivel assembly or try and rebuild it.

It noticed you were working too hard in the heat.:ok_hand:


Likely just an o-ring that needs to be replaced. Should be an easy fix.

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107 heat index today. gotta love humidity. I’m not complaining I’ll take it over cold and rainy any day

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That’s what I figured. I’ll rob the one from an old one until I can get one in

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Just out of curiosity, what are those holes for?

Is it a weep hole by chance? I know some have them on the bottom but I think it’s to allow water to escape in case of malfunction and let you know “hey fix this” lol. I have a gp I’m about to repair.

It’s so water shoots out of them to keep your ankles cool.


The leak out of the weep holes when the seals get worn down and start to leak. If you haven’t already, just change out the main and second seal and you should be good to go. Just had this happen on a large job. Had to pay $80 for the 5 o-rings to get it going again for the next day (can get the kit for $50 online). You could also replace the whole cartridge or around $180.