Sweeping lots

For you guys that clean parking lots, how often/when do you have the lot swept?

Do you ever sweep yourself?

i ask because I have a maintenance plan put together for a proposal and I am trying to figure if I want to take on the sweeping and push it more frequently, or just sub it out every time we clean.

Anyone have experience with sweeping for cleaning prep or subbing it out? What’s the best route to go?

On some of the Commercial Properties we maintain on a monthly bases they also have their sweeping done once a month. Since we don’t do any sweeping of parking lots I couldn’t tell ya what would be worth it between owning a sweeper and doing it yourself or just subbing it out.

I heard the money isn’t that great for parking lot sweeping so it stands to reason that unless you have enough accounts it may best for the time being to sub them out.

I sweep lots anywhere between 7 days a week and 1 time every two months depending on the parking lot. If they have a lot of traffic they need the lot swept 5 to 7 days a week. Properties with less traffic go 1 to 2 times a week. My advice to you is to sub-contract the sweeping work for now. But there should be room for you take 10-15% off the top or more, depending on the sweep. Sub that work out until you get enough work to pick up your own sweeper. Going rate out here is about $50-$75 per hour for just vacuum sweepers. The low ballers do $50 an hour. I keep mine around $60-75 per hour. Sweeping is tough business out here. Saturated with low ballers and you have to be pretty mechanical because there is a lot of moving parts on sweepers. We have an in house mechanic, otherwise, I don’t think sweeping would be possible.

Good Luck