Surfactants, degreasers, defoamer


Not sure if anybody else uses a defoamer, but when I do my inside kitchen jobs or I’m scrubbing the floors using a heavy duty degreaser sometimes there’s a foam that builds up and slows my whole process down. I was thinking about using a defoamer, but I’ve never used a defoamer while trying to degrease and my understanding is a defoamer is basically an oil… I just don’t want to end up chasing my tail all night. Degreasing a floor and then using a defoamer to neutralize the foam and putting a different type of oil on the ground, or is the defoamer such minuscule amounts of oil that it wouldn’t matter.
On a side note could you add defoamer to a tank that had a surfactant/soap in it will the surfactant/soap still work even though it doesn’t foam up
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I use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol if my tanks foam over


Wow, lots of questions, let me see if i can answer them all.

  1. DO NOT use a defoamer to kill the foam in a kitchen. Go get some IPA (isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol) get a spray trigger and spray it onto the foam…kills it immediately and doesn’t leave a residue.

  2. Defoamers are silicones, not oils really, and they can stay around and cause a mess

  3. yes, you could add a defoamer to a tank, but silicones FLOAT…it’s very difficult to get a defoamer to go into solution. It usually just sits on top of the water doing a whole lot of nothing.

  4. Yes the surfactant will still work. That whole thing about the more bubbles the better it works…total myth.

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I put alchohol in my roof mix…seems to work well. A lot of stick but not all the foam coming out of the tank


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