Surfactant %

I just ordered a case of surfactant from southeast softwash, how much should I add to 1 gallon of bleach?

HI, and welcome to the forum. I usually just read the label and it will give the mix ratio. If your bottle doesn’t have it then go to either the manufacturers site or the resellers site and see it there. While you are at it, print out the SDS (or digitally save it to your phone). Most people, depending on the surfactant, tend to mix it lighter than the manufacturers suggestion to avoid the bubbles and more rinsing time. Me, I love the bubbles.

Have fun, get soapy.

Your name suggests otherwise. :joy:


Mix as little as possible. If you are seeing tons of suds it’s too much. It will take longer to rinse off the house and chances are you will never fully get it off the windows causing the white hazy streaks.

Depends what surface you are applying it to. I have found that using too little can result in taking longer to clean gutters, soffits, and other trim. It seems like it runs off easier compared to the vinyl siding. Start with the mfg recommendation on the container, then dial it up or down from there.

Make sure you do a test spot, to see if you have enough. Before you spray multiple sides of the house.

Ordered a case without knowing how to use it or how long it would last. They walk amongst us.

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If you could believe it, that info isn’t even on the page you would purchase it from. He could just be trying to drive traffic to the site who knows lol

Thanks for the info, I just did a 15:1 ratio

I spotted a competitor hard at it today. I should have walked over & asked him about his surfactant of choice.


Oh dang is he using a turbo nozzle??

If I had to guess, I’d say that’s probably the siding slayer 6000 series super charger nozzle.