Surfactant...with surface cleaner?

Had some soap left in my 200’ hose, forgot it was there when I started on a sidewalk. It was really foamy…:laughing:

Got me thinking though, it seems to lift dirt better, anyone do this on a regular basis?

Its called upstreaming, wait until you do it one day with heat.


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I use it when I run this contraption

Huh. So keeping my injector hooked up and sucking soap isn’t a rookie thing. :+1:

We do it at 3500 psi with 180 degree heat.

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I would close the injector. No need to waste soap.

Would the surface cleaner be able to pull soap at a high psi?

Yes…you can make any attachment throw soap at high psi @qons

So a GP High Draw injector pulls soap regardless of the tip you’re using?


No, my GP shuts off with a single HP nozzle, but with two 2503’s on my surface cleaner it seems to pull soap decently enough.

Its called upstreaming, whole different animal and injector. The chems get sucked through the pump at high psi out your lance etc, making your chems more aggressive. but there are cons.

The soap gets pulled through the pump? Wow.

You gotta choose the ph of your soap wisely, you cannot run SH or acids, your pump will not last very long.

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I did use the search bar after your first comment. :smiley: Not a lot on here about upstreaming. It doesn’t seem like what @dcbrock is doing with the surface cleaner would be considered upstreaming since it’s not going through the pump.

It also seems like the reason people would pre-treat concrete instead of going the route of pulling your mix through the surface cleaner is that you would burn through a lot of mix rather quickly. And since there’s no hot water involved it would be less effective anyways.

It seems like upstreaming is key for you fleet guys.

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When yall clean out soap,sh etc of your hose with a high pressure tip , that’s basically upstreaming. but when you need that soap at high pressure all the time, then you gotta go upstreaming.
@dcbrock was basically mimicking that , just an example

And that’s why we use proportioners at the end of our DS tubes. We don’t batch mix, we run 100% concrete chems

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But you’re probably not using an xjet. So what are you using? Any pics?

No xjet. We 2 step mostly, so I use two different DS line of a 3 way ball valve. Two different size proportioners to get two different ratios of chems for each step

Is that the end that draws the chemical or disperses the chemical?