Surfactant Tank Mix Ratios

So I am getting back into the new season after last year and over the short break I got most of my truck dialed in. I have a pro mix-a-lot from southeast softwash and I am trying to figure out the best mix ratio for the surfactant tank. I am using an old 5gal car boy but next week my new 15 gal tank will be here. Today I mixed up 5 gallons of water with probably 7oz of 6x greenwash (@Racer uses this sometimes maybe you have an idea) but basically in a match mix you would use one oz per 6 gallons of mix. I cleaned a moldy (lol just said in my last comment on another thread we don’t have much mold here) double wide trailer with painted metal carport and canopy and needed a stronger mix. I treated with the mix set at 2%sh and I put the surfactant knob on 5 (all the way open). I didn’t get a whole lot of suds seemingly but blew through that 5 gallons before half the job was done then I made another 3 gals and used that up too. I want to make the tank last and wondering how many oz to put in to be able to get great suds with it set to like 1 or 2. Recap

  1. How much surfactant per gallon would you add to surfactant tank on proportioner
  2. Does downstreaming have lots more suds naturally than a proportioner? Seems like I had way more suds with way less surfactant via downstream. Maybe it’s how it’s injected with more power? Thanks in advance.

You can’t pre-dilute your soap before running it into proportioner that much. I don’t use the 6x stuff, but normally just soap in tank and set soap dial to about 2 or 3. Using the 6x try 50-50 and then adjust soap setting. But maybe go on their fb page. Don’t really know much about how the other brands work.

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To clarify, when you put regular strength green wash in your tank you just put it in without diluting at all? What about your roof soap? I am going to buy a fiver of slow mo that @Firefighter4hire recommends. I am curious how much that product should be diluted as well. Seems like batch mixing uses much less surfactant but it’s hard for me to gauge it just by looking at the suds… I have 2 roofs today (about 4000sf total) and want to make sure I have enough to do it all . Going to use up my sap it which the directions call for 1oz per gallon for the steepest roofs. I have about 1 gallon of that left, which when batch mixing should be more than though for two roofs. I guess a better question would be what the ratio of soap to water is used in the surfactant tank for doing roofs with roof soap?

I use 1once for every 5 of sh not of your total just you sh measurement on a roof and half that on siding

Well nevermind it looks like I won’t be buying slomo after all the website says no shipping options available. I called and the guy who answered said that he wouldn’t even try to place the order over the phone if the website won’t allow shipping. It’s not even a hazardous material don’t understand what the problem is. He says he does ship other stuff to California.

What who did you talk too. That doesn’t sound right. Maybe their system is down ask for lori

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