Surface Cleaning Truck

Hello everyone,

My name is Hiram and I work at Hog Technologies. We are manufacturers of roadway maintenance equipment, which includes our Surface Cleaning Truck.

I have been reding posts for the last several days regarding big jobs, cleaning parking lots ans gas stations, and I needed to log in and at very list present this to you all.

This truck is currently used at airports around the country, by private contractors, and even Disneyworld in Florida, which operates the machine 7 days a week, 7 hours a night.

If you were inquiring about large areas, reducing manpower and doing the job faster, keep reading for the specs on this truck.

7250 PSI
610 Gal Water Tank
132 Debris Tank
38" Blasting Width.

Im going to leave you with 2 videos for you to see and please contact me with any questions. - Cleaning Pervious Surfaces - Cleaning Mold on Runways


7250 psi is way too much and 8 gpm is way too little. 610 gallon water tank gives you just over 1 hour of run time. IMO its not very useful


Thank you for the reply mwpws. So to clarify, this machines are used at airports, private contractors and large (well/known) theme parks. The pressure CAN be adjusted but goes up to 7250 PSI. You would set the pressure for your application. The Surface Hog has a 5 hour + run time, because it recycles. This well known theme park uses the truck 7 hours a night, 7 days a week.

You can check out here all the specs and videos,

I would be afraid to fall asleep at the wheel.

I was thinking the same thing…we carry 875 gallons between truck/trailer when we just break out the 31" Mini Mondo…and we usually wish we had more :confused:

Hey, cool man. So, quick question. How much did you have to pay to advertise your product on this site?

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Hi Hiram. Would this truck clean brand new concrete and asphalt? Is 7250psi enough? I don’t like doing jobs twice.


Hey Tampahousewashing, not sure what you mean about falling as sleep at the wheel.

Hey JAtkinson, the machine recycles th ewater, so you would get about 5+ hours of work, therefore you would not need a truck and a trailer.

Hey Displacedtexan, not sure sure about your question, but I paid as much as you did to sign up. I read several posts regarding parking lots and garage stations and I am providing information on a truck that might be useful.

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Hey MuscleMyHustle, this machines are currently running in Well known theme parks in Orlando as well as large aiports to clean their runways. Here are 2 videos that shows the machine working on asphalt as well as concrete.

I will be more than happy to get in a zoom call with you to go over all the details of the truck, or if you would like to see it in action and you are interested, I can set up a demo as well.
- Cleaning Pervious Surfaces - Cleaning Mold on Runways

This is not your personal advertising board. You may have read several posts but I’ve read 110,000 posts here and one thing that never fails is you people coming here to advertise your products and never offering anything useful to the forum in return.


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Thank you, you as well!

Oh for crying out loud Texan! I was just going to me a truck now I lost his details!


I think this is really the point. Everyone is going to offer opinions, many offer products, etc. Just like when someone asked about online training options. I’ll offer a recommendation, but it’s in the idea of helping someone with their problem, and I’ll offer whatever I can in any post. I get it, advertising is hard, dollars/ROI drive that, and worst case your ROI here is $0 to $0, so it’s really a “no-lose” scenario. But if you take the time and effort to share your knowledge, experience, etc. in threads with the group, and develop some of that “human capital” of being helpful, your sale pitches would be better received IMO.


I know what y’all are saying about the advertising thing, and I agree. aside from that though, this thing is pretty dope. The video cleaning mold from runways is impressive. If I had regular parking lot contracts I would get one. I’m curious how long the filters last though? What kind of reclaim system does it use? I hate cleaning asphalt because the filters in my expensive reclaim system get clogged real fast. Seems like it should be more like 10-12gpm tho

too slow for the investment.
id rather use the segway surface cleaner with appropriate acessories

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Hello Seandez

The filters on the truck are washable. They should be washed every other shift or so.

We vacuum up the used water and run it through a series of filters.

Should not be an issue. Keep a spare set on the truck.

It is 7.9 gpm so that we can recycle it and keep running. Higher than that and you cant recycle.

Hopefully I am answering your question.