Surface cleaning painted deck

Sorry I know, many on here wouldn’t consider trying this, but I have a sizable painted wood deck that mainly has mildew and dirt on it. I’m trying not to wand the whole darn thing after pretreating, has anyone had success with 1500psi nozzles on their surface cleaner on decks? Is there a different method using one vs concrete?

Soft wash it. Treat with 2%, dwell, low pressure rinse.

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And rinse it really well. You should probably let them know that some paint will likely come loose but that’s to be expected when you neglect painted wood for as long as they have that deck.


Heck I bet HW mix would clean that up beautifully.

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I had a buddy strip a deck and use a surface cleaner but with just dirty wood? I’d be worried about marking it. Maybe 40 degree tips to 1,000 or less psi but the bar will barely be spinning

If you lower the psi hitting the deck so it’s more of a Jrod pressure I think you’ll be fine. I don’t think you can make lines but you can peal up the paint. I would hit it with straight 12% ds or your 12v for quick work.

How about one of those water brooms with three or four white tips on it with a wheel on either side? Never tried it, don’t own one, but I’d bet HW mix and one of those would work if you didn’t want to wand the whole thing.

I’ll be curious to see how that worked. Would need like for 2 GPM tips

Thanks guys, I’ll try the 2% and rinse…if she ever calls me back.

Being painted that will wash right off, up your surfactant a bit and let it marinate while you tell us a story.

I would either downstream or 12v that thing. It’ll clean right up.

Got a call back from the customer, she just wants the concrete done. Apparently she has “a guy” that is doing the wood.

Mm hmm.