Surface cleaning limestone?

PM me tomorrow… i’ll walk you through the process. - Oakley

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Have you found a published service life for prosoco natural stone treatment? I have a supplier who isn’t a fan of prosoco, but they are a competitor.

Also, any experience with this? It has pretty solid reviews everywhere, but it doesn’t specifically say limestone. It looks like not all siloxane products are good for limestone.

I would not use that. While it is Siloxane, it is solvent based. It probably provides superior protection on concrete and/or brick but will do some weird things to natural stone. I checked the product page and it looks like they offer a water based version:

You want a water based sealer. I compare the Natural Stone Treatment to Prosoco’s Siloxane PD. Prosoco states that the Siloxane PD lasts up to 10 years. I tell customers about 5 years. Horizontal surfaces will not last as long as vertical. But 5 year service life would be a safe assumption.

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Thanks Chris. The Siloxade PD product sheet does not recommend using it on limestone. Would you not recommend the natural stone sealer instead? That’s the one I couldn’t find a published service life.

I don’t see a documented service life for Natural Stone Treatment but I would think it is equal to Siloxane PD. I have used both with good results. I’ve used Siloxane PD on limestone and haven’t had issues but I would follow the PDS and opt for the Natural Stone Treatment. You could always try calling Prosoco. They’re based out of Lawrence, KS and answer in person during normal business hours. I’ve called and emailed in the past for recommendations and they were always quick to respond.

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Alrighty, the customer got back to me, it is limestone and the manufacturer said under no circumstances use pressure on it as they’ll need to clean it every year. He said spray on bleach and brush only, then rinse.

Her husband is going to do it (riiiight) so I’m just doing the pool deck and chimney.

Limestone is really porous, it does need to be cleaned often regardless. I’ve talked to rock companies and never been told that…well, there you go…walk away.

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You need a little pressure to wash the solution out of the stone. As mentioned it will crystallize, causing flakes on the surface. We sell maintenance cleaning after the stone is restored. A brush & a garden hose won’t cut it…

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I’m at least walking toward other projects she has. Fine by me.