Surface Cleaners

We will be doing residential house washes along with driveways and walkways. We are looking for a Surface Cleaner.

We are are hoping to be running 4.8 GPM @ 3000psi

I would like something that is good for residential but will also work for other applications as well so if we decide to add additional services.

My budget is around $800.00

You pretty much have three choices;

Whisper Wash Classic

Whisper Wash Classic

and finally,

Whisper Wash Classic.

Classics are awesome. And even the guys with 7’ surface cleaners need them at times. IMHO A small floater is a must have in you arsenal no matter if you wash front porches or parking lots.

Whisper Wash Classic definitely

Anyone have an opinion on the Mosmatic Surface Cleaners?

I think Mosmatic is overrated. I had one for a while, but it didn’t clean as fast as my BE. Maybe I just never broke it in well enough, I don’t know. But that swivel seemed pretty stiff.

Has anyone tried one of these? I saw one at my local distributer, and they look pretty well built. The swivel on them spins super fast! Local distributer highly recommends them. Although HE wants $600 for it. Lol It’s only 16", but it should work pretty well with 4.8 GPM.

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I run a 12" floater, and a 21" with casters. They do a great job, with 0 issues as of yet. I haven’t tried another brand though for comparison.

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“Anyone have an opinion on the Mosmatic Surface Cleaners?”
In our arsenal we have 1 Mosmatic surface cleaner along with 2 hydrotek surface machines and all 3 of these have a Mosmatic swivel on them. Besides my guys breaking bars sometimes and wearing out the casters, where happy with these surface machines.

My favorite surface machine is the BadBoy made by Bob from PTState which he no longer builds because from what he told me they were to expensive to make. This surface machine is beaten to death but we still use it now for at least 10yrs if not longer.

Which Hydroteks do you have, I am thinking about the 20" all stainless steel. Do the swivels hold up well. I have seen lots of people talk about bad swivels on other brands.

I have a 39" 3 bar Hydrotek surface machine which I think they discontinued last year because it became to expensive for them to make them and then sell them for enough profit. At least that’s what their rep told me.

The other Hydrotek surface machine is 20" and it’s used for reclaiming. These surface machines have the Mosmatic swivel which are a little more on the expensive side but there most definitely worth it from my experiences. The only better swivel is the Dublin swivel but there pretty darn expensive.

I noticed the same thing about my Sirocco vacuum surface cleaner. (Which is just a modified Mosmatic)
I even bypassed the gun and swapped the 1/4" hose to a 3/8" hose and still no help.

I’m running a 24" steel eagle with the dublin spinner and I love it! I can’t compare it to anything else but from my research, I may not have to for 10 years or more :slight_smile: It cost almost a grand up front but if it last like it should, I think I’ll be money ahead