Surface cleaner upgrade or repair?

So I’ve had this WW ultra clean 16” for close to 3 years now, and water is starting to leak out the holes on the green swivel cover, I got it originally to use it with a 4gpm and once I upgraded to an 8 I just replaced the tips and kept using it. Now with it probably needing a new seal kit and a new spray bar, would you all think it’s just better to pull the trigger on a classic 19” 4nozzle bar and just keep the ultra clean as a backup? How dramatic is the difference in cleaning speed between these two cleaners?

I use a 19" with my 8gpm, the 16" is too small. Just an FYI, the Classic is nice and better quality but the handles are narrower so if you like to stand between like I do it’ll be a tight fit.

4 nozzles at 8 gpm would be like going over the same spot 2 times with 2 nozzles at 4 gpm. I can tell you from experience, if you go over the same spot 2 times at 4 gpm it will be very noticeably cleaner. Sometimes a second pass is all it takes to eliminate any stripes / lines altogether. Some folks like the speed they can move with a 2 nozzle bar at higher gpm’s. That’s my next step! Almost there… Otherwise, it’s a constant battle of research, repairs, decisions & upgrades.