Surface Cleaner Tuning for Residential

I am running a 4/4000 machine and a 20" Whirl Away SC. Machine pushes the SC just fine and I get great results. It came stock with 2502 tips which do fine, but clean at 3000 PSI. Around here that kind of pressure isn’t needed for residential concrete. Added two 2503 tips onto an order from Bob this morning which should bring it to around 2000 PSI. Hopefully this will be the sweet spot for my setup.

Anyone else gone through this process? What did you end up using?

That’s sounds right. 2502’s should have had you at 4000 psi, which is way too much pressure. I clean at 2000-2300 and never have a problem cleaning even the dirtiest driveways. Just use a hotter mix. IMO less pressure and a stronger mix is better. You can’t put the cream back on the concrete after it is blasted off.

2502’s only get 3k psi on a 4k machine?
Is this right guys?
Can someone post one of those guides?
I’m playing with my nozzles on my 3 tip machine running 8 @ 4000. Trying to get the pressure down, but not too low

It should get 4000 psi as long as he is using two nozzles. I can’t understand how he came up with 3000.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Size Calculator -

My machine running 150’ of 3/8" hose shows 3000 PSI at the trigger gun on the SC when flowing with the 2502 nozzles.

Are you bypassing to a tank? That amount of hose should only lose a couple hundred psi. Your unloader might not be adjusted right. According to your specs, 02 tips should be at 4000 psi. Did you ever put the gauge right after the pump? If your unloader is set too low you could be losing flow too, which isn’t good with a 4 gpm machine.

Unloader is adjusted for full pressure and flow. Pressure on the system with no flow is right at 4,000 PSI.

Are you sure the two nozzles are 2502 and not 25025, according to nozzle calculators, a #5 nozzle(2 25025’s) would get you 3000 psi. Somethings not adding up.

Ralph, where’s that calculator?

see my post right below yours asking about it, above. Says nozzle calculator, for some reason links aren’t a different color on this board.

Very cool tool indeed. Thanks for the share Hank… Lol jk, thanks Ralph. That was me on your fb page the other week in case you didn’t notice, haha!

This one tells you how many hp you need for certain psi and gpm combos.

Pressure Washer Parts Catalog - BARENS INC. Nozzle Calculator

So the surface cleaners arent flug and go ready?

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The surface cleaners I have bought come with 2502’s. If your machine uses a #4 nozzle then you are ready to go. If not, you have to switch out the nozzles.

Best place to purchase a surface cleaner?

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Russ @ Southside Equipment.
Bob @ PressureTek
Jason @ Kec Supplies
They are all in the same price range and all have it shipped out fast.

Just bought the 16" whirl away till i upgrade pressure washers. My machince now is 4kpsi abd 4gpm SC comes 2 meg nozzle 85.225.025… what tuning has to be done for residential cleaning

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The only way to find out is to plug and play with your setup. Buy yourself a few different nozzle sizes and see what works best for you.

First time owning a SC been renting.

Found this picture online what causes this?

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Overlap. Looks like the overlap is cleaner than the middle because it was cleaned twice. Are you pre treating?

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