Surface Cleaner Tip Confirmation

Hello Gents,

I just bought a new 3000psi @7gpm (GX690), 200ft of hose, 20 inch surface cleaner 2 nozzles total.

Can a get a confirmation of surface cleaner tips?

Nozzle chart suggests 2540.

For those that have experience please advise if this is suitable in practice?

Thank you I’m advance for taking the time to read and respond :pray:t2:

I’d use 2504’s


Ok will do, thank you!

Hello boss, I installed 25040 tips and the surface cleaner is flying!! I see some use weights or larger tips. I experimented with weights 2.5kg is not quite enough!

Can you recommend a tip size I can try please? I appreciate your time taken in reading & replying.

Thank you,

on my 20” w 7gpm i use 2505s mostly. i’ll change em out for 2504s if the concrete is really dirty

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Do you have an elbow on the swivel?

I’m not sure l understand where the elbiw should go? I have read that reduced turbulence. I have attached a picture of my SC

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They can lift off the ground for sure, I used to add a 2.5# ankle weight to the swivel when I had the 16".

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I made this for a weight on mine. Stock the back lifted badly. Put the 90 on, it was better but the front wanted to lift. Made up this weight, it’s about 3.5 lbs. Works great now. Steel bar stock bored out and several thick coats of paint. I go about 1/4" big on the ID, then use foam tape. It’s a snug fit around the union. I can pull it off, but it won’t fall off when carrying it around.

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