Surface cleaner tip change

Hey y’all got a question. I have a surface cleaner that worked with my old PW. My new PW is 3600 PSI and 2.5 GPM. I believe the GPMs are to low because it’s not cleaning real good. There is two tips or the cleaner. Can I change out the tips to different size to make it work better? And if so what size?

You will be much better off to change your pressure washer


You’re correct, GPM is low. In order to keep your psi around 3500, you would need a #1 nozzle size. 2 nozzles means you split your gpm, so you would have about 1.25 gpm at each nozzle. It will work, but it will be slow going. You typically want a minimum of 3.5-4 gpm for a surface cleaner.

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What a wonderful plethora of information. I am having troubles finding an answer to a related question. When a surface cleaner is “rated” for 3500PSI, 4000PSI, etc., is that just marketing? If the PSI is stepped down based on the nozzle, are there reasons to get a surface cleaner rated to your pumps PSI?
For perspective, I purchased a 4500 rated surface cleaner from Simpson because I thought that was mandatory for my 4500PSI pump. I’m wondering if since the pressure will be stepped down if it is relevant at all, or if I can get a lower PSI rated machine.

It’s just marketing

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If you’re going to be washing anything more than your own driveway get a real surface cleaner.

Well, that’s exactly why I asked, guy.

Thanks, that’s what I needed to know. Purchased a different model. Much appreciated.

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