Surface cleaner rack

Does anyone have some up close pictures of how they fabricated mounts for surface cleaners to hang on ladder rack. I built a ladder rack on my trailer this past weekend and now I’m wanting to fab up something to hang and lock surface cleaners on it. I have a WW 16”, classic, and big guy. I used the search before asking and couldn’t find many up close pictures. Thanks

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Bumping this post to get some responses.

This is how I secure mine

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So many possibilities, what are you mounting to and what are you trying to achieve (most protected, most secure, cheapest…)? Ours are pretty protected, and secure if we put a lock on them (but they live indoors at night). I don’t have an individual cost bc it was part of the fabricated skid we had built.

Not related to OP., but that clear surface cleaner is pretty cool :sunglasses:

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Getting quotes on ladder rack build and wanted to visualize how others had mounted these before. No real agenda just looking for ideas to show my fabricator.

Awesome just what this thread was looking for. Thanks guy.