Surface Cleaner Options

Hello Gang,

Bought another truck for the company and am slowly building it up in spare time. I am running an 8gpm 3500 psi honda belt drive power washer. What are your favorite surface cleaners for residential / commercial? Looking to try something new. Let me know what you are using and if you would recommend it! (Yes I split up residential and commercial because let’s face it - two different types of surface cleaners necessary here, I would like to have one for each).

There’s nothing about a surface cleaner besides size that makes it better suited for residential or commercial. Maybe get a 20" for residential and a 36" or 48" for commercial if you want, but a 20" would do just fine on commercial concrete and a 48" would be fine for residential if you’re doing a driveway.

I really like the 24" ground force and the little big guy. the ground force is my favorite


I have the 20" from them already :). I figured getting a 36" would be ideal - for the 48" would one 8gpm unit make the cut? From research I’ve seen that some guys have two 8gpm units hooked up to the 48".

The little big guy is a beast. I have been heavily debating on getting that one. Do you have both?

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Yes and like them both. with the little big guy if you make your turns opposite the hose you keep it out of the way. I prefer the ground force for residential

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Lmao you are too much. I haven’t used aqua wash before. Reliable product?

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Its what @racer uses. He has 2. His is on its 3rd year. Search bar still isnt working for me but if you look up his driveway cleaning video you can see it in action.


Lol. I changed the name of my business and didn’t renew my old domain name. Grow the ■■■■ up and stop trying to look for reasons to bring me down on an internet forum.

please dont cuss.

@racer my search is down. Can you link me the video?

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Go to hell. Blocking you so I don’t have to deal with your petty ■■■■■■■■ anymore.

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Jesus that is one long video haha. I think I’m going to start bringing a go pro with me and start making pressure washing videos. So many people just love watching it being done.


i have so many before pictures but very few afters lol. i always forget. atleast with a gopro use could just screen shot before and afters. i want to make a video for facebook ads.

Mine is upside down from ya’lls. Mine must have been built by @AUSSIE. :joy:


Ya took me 3 days to finish it. 20mins at a time. Good info though.

I didnt realize they made something like that. Pretty cool. Beats laying on your back getting chems in your face lol.

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