Surface cleaner opinions

Hello everyone. I’m new around here, and somewhat new to the wonderful world of pressure washing.
I am a mason by trade, so most of my experience, has been with washing our brickwork, stonework, and concrete jobs. I always enjoyed pressure washing, because I am very detail orientated, and always like to see the finished job all cleaned up.
So after taking our PW home from the shop, and hitting my driveway with it, I decided to invest in my own equipment.
I bought a Generac 3000psi, 3.0gpm washer with a 9hp Honda on it. I did my driveway, and sidewalks with a turbo rotating nozzle, and believe it or not, I was patient enough to do the job with no stripes when done.
Now I want a surface cleaner. My reason for posting, is to ask your opinion on The 14" BE Whirlaway, with a 3.0gpm setup.
I know there are plenty of them out there for $5-600, and you get what you pay for, but I’m not looking to go full pro here.
Will it be sufficient enough for some light duty concrete cleaning, with my setup?
Thanks in advance.

I would go for the general pump one most likely. Honestly you need more gpm to do much concrete efficiently.

I know it’s not a huge difference, but I have now switched out my pump with a brand new AR 4.0gpm/4000psi unit.