Surface cleaner on basketball courts

Hi guys, weekend warrior driveway cleaner and long time lurker here. I’m quoting my first big job, 50,000sqft of sidewalks and street corners for my HOA. In the request from the customer are 2 neighborhood basketball courts in Florida. Typical light blue/greenish courts that I would imagine is coated concrete. Does anyone have experience using surface cleaners on courts like this? I have 4400 psi and less washers and 4gpm and lower. My goal is obviously to not mess up the courts with too much pressure if there is such a thing.

Thank you to all that regularly post and have provided resources and inspiration for my side hustle to supplement life changing pay cuts.


Search about tennis courts. I think DC brock and Grizz both had jobs doing those and they would be similar depending on the coatings.

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We’ll need some pics to really help you out. There are many different types of coatings for athletic surfaces.

What qons said, also might want to look into getting an 8 for this job, 50,000 sqft with a 4/4 is gonna be a pain in the butt

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Also, you won’t need anything close to 4400 psi to clean it. Around 2500 psi is about right.

Do you only have the ONE machine? It’s a lot of square footage for a single 4 gpm unit…

Ouch, don’t attempt that job with a 4/4 unless you have several weeks.

Pressure is critical, I believe my tennis court was done around 1800psi, can’t remember right off hand. My main PITA issue was striping control and rinsing, a very fine powder sand was coating everything and I had to rinse thoroughly like a typewriter to get it off…took forever.

Never head that saying before.

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Basically I had to go back and forth making sure to get everything in a line, I tried ‘fanning’ it but that didn’t work.

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You mean like a side to side fanning action? Gotcha :+1:

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Thank you guys. I sent the quote on based on this information.

I will post pics and more details if I win the job. While measuring and putting eyes on the surfaces and fences that need work I ended up selling another job to a lady I started a conversation with, so that was exciting.

I have 2 or 3 pressure washers but if I need to rent an 8gpm I will do just that. Hopefully I’ll be posting here with good news soon.

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Before and after for reference.

Oh and factor in water drainage. This court was surrounded by foliage and it would only drain on one end. Bring a large court squeegee.