Surface cleaner nozzle?

Hey guys bought me a classic… my machine is 5.5gpm at 2500 psi what nozzles should I be running with my surface cleaner ??? The one’s I have on there now are 2502 tips… two tips total

I read on here that you need to replace the nozzles on the classic to fit what type of pressure washer your running


Thanks, should I still post treat??

Thanks also can you tell me how you came up with the 2525

25=25 degree spray pattern
25=2.5 gpm

So 2502 is 25 degrees and 2gpm
And 2525 is 25 degrees and 2.5 gpm


How often are you guys swapping out surface cleaner tips?

Do you guys carry multiple sets of tips for your surface cleaner? something for different density of surfaces? For example, a different tip for smooth commercial concrete versus something different for exposed aggregate such as cobble or field stone?

I think I read on here you should change them every other month or like once a quarter … depends on how much u use it

Outers every week or so. Inners last longer as they don’t hit as much or collect as much debris

Thanks all I’ll need to order a bunch of spare tips.

Is 25025 same has a 2525 nozzle

Probably pretty sure everything that comes through Barons to the vendors is a four digit but there might be some five digits out there I just don’t know

Ok I talked to my local shop they said with a 2500psi 5.5gpm machine I should be using a 25035 nozzles on my surface cleaning… does that sound about right just like to get multiple opinions

That gives you 7 gpm. You have a 5.5 gpm. Sounds like they need a calculator lol

I called the power wash store they said that a 25025 is different then a 2525…

So I was looking at the nozzle chart and I think I found out how they came up with 25035… at 2500 psi 5.5 gpm gives u a number 7 nozzle so take that in half and it gives you 3.5 so I think that how there getting 25035 nozzles I should be using

Ok. Not familiar with the 5 numbers so they are probably right

You guys use a lot of pressure on concrete, you dont have to max out the psi on the machine to clean concrete. I use 2504 with my 5.5gpm, it doesnt take that much psi to remove the dirt/debris. Plus this allows you to clean more types of surfaces with out having to switch out tips for every different job.

You also dont have to change nozzles every month unless you are doing a lot of pavers or just a crap load of flat work within that month.

I see the 2504 tips are made for 4.0 gpm for each tip… 2525 are made for 2.5 gpm, maybe I will just meet in the middle and go with a 2503 tip at 3.0 gpm