Surface cleaner nozzle

I have some real dirty concrete to clean and was looking for suggestions as to what size nozzle would give the highest pressure and clean the best. I have a 8 gpm machine and the surface cleaner has 3 arms. What i’m using works well but didn’t know if changing them to something else would help it clean better.


if your pump is rated at 3600, then 3 2503’s would give you 3200-3500 psi. That amount of pressure with hot water should be able to clean the dirtiest concrete. It is commercial right? I don’t think residential driveways will survive that.

No, it’s residential but real dirty!

Well down here in FL, if I used 3200-3500 psi on a driveway I would be using a shovel to load up whats left of the cream coat in 5 gallon buckets. Don’t know what the concrete in GA is rated at. I have my surface cleaner running between 2100-2400 psi and sometimes I still end up taking a little bit of cream off. Stronger mix and longer dwell time can do wonders and you won’t have exposed aggregate and an unhappy customer.

Ralph, what is “the cream” that everyone refers to? I slowly amp up my pressure till I get a good clean as I always go with the lightest hand possible. Sorry to high jack

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Cream is the thin coating on top of the driveway. Underneath it is usually some sort of aggregate. If you can see the white stones in the concrete in this pic. This is an old driveway where the cream coat has worn away. On newer driveways you can’t see the aggregate(stones).

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Here is a driveway with the cream still intact.

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Thanks Ralph now I understand

Darren, have you tried to clean it already? What chems and dwells have you tried? If you are using the right chemical application, 2000psi should be plenty on smooth concrete. The exposed aggregate drive I did the other day took all the pressure and chemicals I could put on it with 160F! It had 30+ years of pine tar, grime and filth on it too though. I wouldn’t have tried that on smooth newer concrete unless it was a last resort

it’s an old driveway and very dirty and not smooth. I purchased Some R-202 concrete cleaner last night after hearing others praise its effectiveness. Hopefully that will help.

here is a picture of the property that I have to clean. All the driveway and back walkway and pool deck.Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions

Let us know what you go with and how it turns out

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