Surface cleaner nozzle angles

I know about using bigger nozzle sizes to get more flow and reduce pressure but what about the angle they spray at? I feel like even with the bigger orfice size I can easily cause problems and I’m nervous about using it on anything but real unpainted/untreated concrete or flagstone. The nozzles are only 1” above the ground. Does anyone use a 45 deg angle for their nozzles on a surface cleaner?

When I had a 4gpm, the 2502’s were used. They recommended the 1503’s once I got a 5.5, but I switched to 2503’s to try and cut down on striping. I don’t think anything wider would clean very well.

So will a 2503 be more gentle on the surface than a 1503?

Your nozzle’s spray pattern should line up with the bar. 2503s work well with a 4/4. 15 degree tips are a little too focused and you’ll have to move a little slower but some people use them…most use 25 degree tips

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