Surface cleaner not working

have 16 inch General Pump surface cleaner has grease fitting has been working fine but today it worked but acted like it lost power
usually it will float along now it cleans but slow and is not floating at all have to push and pull hooked my gauge up and was at 4000 psi 4100 to be exact any ideas i have two driveways tomorrow

im not an expert buy the nossle might have trash in it when i got my used surface cleaner it wasnt cleaning properly it i removed the megs hand it had i liltle piece of trash in it good luck

yeah i replaced the megs was working fine but not now
Talked To Russ and am going to order new spindle

It could be the swivel but if the spinner bars have elbows that can be turned they might be out of sync. They need to be turned just a couple of degrees so the bar spins away from the spray and still cleans the way the surface machine is intended to clean.

it has a little vibration also

I know this is an old post but what was the issue? I have a general pump surface cleaner that has lost a lot of pressure and also has a little vibration too.

Mine will vibrate if I dont grease it enough. By enough I mean about every 2 hours of use

What grease do you use?

Was about to buy this from my job

I don/t do much surface cleaning, but I use marine grease on my bass boat trailer. Holds up longer than regular grease when exposed to water.

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That was my other choice

Red grease has highest temp rating

I dont have a hot water machine. Ill just get what grease the manufacturer reccomend just didnt see it at my work. #2 General purpose waterproof lithium grease.

The marine grease is number 2 lithium grease according to the description.

"Super Tech Marine Grease, 14 oz:

Excellent to have in your watercraft or close to wherever you are moored
Grade 2, lithium complex grease
Superior protection against corrosion and wear
Minimum drop point of 450.25F
Ideal for marine trailer wheel bearings, hitches, water pumps, deck equipment and more
Superb water resistance, even in saltwater conditions
Easy-to-use marine bearing grease"

Thanks been on google for the last hour trying to find some local ill order some of this now.

Should be able to get it local at Walmart.

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Said out of stock at the 2 closest to me.

Try local auto parts store. Go by the number on it. It meets those specifications. It’s a common grease.

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