Surface cleaner modification to recover water

Has anyone ever modified their surface cleaner to work with water recovery systems?

I have a Hydrotek ANT4C. My fabricator wanted to know why we could not just weld in a 2 inch tube into the back of it to suck the water out with my reclaim system?

Hydrotek makes another model the ANTV5 that looks very similar to the one I have, seemingly the only difference is there is a 2 inch metal tube coming out of the back of it to plug your vacuum into. Are they engineered differently inside to work to suck the water out or is it literally just a vacuum tube added to the edge of it?

They are not that simple. Ive looked into it, and found 2 ways I might approach it.

  1. there are cheap aluminum or SS pots that come in many sizes. Find 1 that bottom of it, the circumference, fits with an 1in inside of surf clnr. Cut bottom off of pot to clear and sit about an 1in inside surf clnr after go hole for swivel made. Some type of gasket arond swivel and spacers fitted bolted thru and hold piece to create the hollow place. Cut hole for hose mount(only thru surf clnr) use a pipe and flange of sorts. Just make sure you account for hollow space and gasket around swivel. Sone creativity needed here. Might be able to use a toilet tank to commode gasket around swivel. You only want the suction to concentrate at base opening.
  2. i found a place that makes stainless steel hoops whether its round tubing or flat hollow rectangular tubing(my choice due to space it will be a larger cavity than round regarding the space needed to clear nozzle bar and surf clner. Cut out a space to weld a pipe to a spout that goes thru surf clne and find how you want to mount it up. No hollow space needed here since the hoop is hollow.
    I hope u see what Im saying, its a pain for me to type with my sausages, so…
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I see that’s a lot more than just a pipe! Thank you for your input and drawings. Even if I did manage to modify it I bet with my limited experience it wouldn’t work nearly as well as what they have created through the R&D department…

hydrotek twister recovery surface cleaner underside.

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Do you do find that it leaves about 20% of the water on the ground or does yours suck it all up like In the product videos?

Not mine.i don’t have 1 yet. Maybe yours is clogged somewhere, or not low enough to surface.