Surface cleaner for 8gpm

It seems every year I keep getting bigger concrete jobs, today I won a bid for 5100 sq/ft of driveway. My 19” Ultra Clean is great but takes forever on something of this size.

What surface cleaners do you big outfits use with an 8gpm?

I typically knock out 2000. Sq/ft per hour with my 19 in whisper wash. I’d love to upgrade to a mini mundo or something but that job would be 2 1/2 - 3 hours of surface cleaning for me with the 19

24" Aqua pro by whisper wash. Made my money back immediately! I have a 36inch whisper wash that Collects dust. I just can’t get it to work properly. I’ve tried so many different nozzles. I’ll sell it for less than half off if anyone wants it

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I run 20 inch surface cleaners on the commercial side with the 8gpm machines, same as residential with the 5.5’s, an extra inch really doesn’t speed things up a whole lot when your talking large concrete, that difference is made up in overlap management in my opinion. Go heavier on the pre treat and knock it out. Don’t worry about timing yourself, clean concrete is what matters.


Pretreat or post treat? I drop 4% post lately, it’s the only thing that seems to kill those embedded lichen roots…

Ideally both, there’s no arguing that pre treating speeds things up considerably and gives you a faster and deeper clean and speeds up the pace of movement. Post treating is also a necessity for the most part no matter what equipment you use, occasionally you’ll hit the jackpot and not get streak lines and question your method but that’s just how concrete works you won’t know till the end.


Heat I’m telling you………lol.


Man, I’m just making baby steps using oxalic😆

Ground force and the 19 in extreme are both awesome. They have them available now they just got through powder coating them. Got mine last week.

Hey that Ground Force 24"…does it have the wider handlebars of the Ultra Clean or the narrower ones of the Classic?

Have you ever tested how much faster/ sq footage per hour you clean with heat vs without?

Im going to test that soon but it probably won’t be very accurate because our drive isnt super dirty and works perfect at normal pace without the heat

Is that just the cleaning, or pre/post treat and rinse?

I absolutely love my Aqua Pro. Getting ready to order my 3rd one.

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All of it

I haven’t done a official test, but I know I’m way faster with heat.

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How long have you had the surf cleaner you use the most with heat, and have you had to replace the swivel yet?

3 years, it’s a WW Extreme 19”, never replaced any parts on it. Run heat thru it all the time……

Now the Aqua Pro is the one without wheels and has plastic cover, correct? Would an 8gpm float it decently?

I see there’s the Ground Force 24" that has casters and aluminum cover but only a 2 nozzle bar.

You can get ahold of Pressure Washer Products and they can get Whisper Wash to customize any surface cleaner exactly how you want it. If you want different handle bars they will put them on it. You might even be able to contact WW directly.

8 gpm will easily float the Aqua Pro. People run that 36" surface cleaner on 8 gpm.

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PWP sells the 24” ground force with a 4 nozzle bar.

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