Surface cleaner flying!

so i got my trailer leak free and dialed in today so i decided to try my surface cleaner out. I already installed the nozzles that bob sent me with it for my 8gpm 3000 psi machine but the thing still wants to fly. Im not sure on the size of the tips but there 2540’s or 2560’s i think and my SC is a WW classic. With that being said even when using a wand with the 25 degree tip the machine came with, the spray pattern seems abit erratic and lots of overspray. i checked to make sure my feed hose wasnt bouncing but im not sure what to look for? also my bypass line is only 1/2 ID or whatever comes with a pressure pro but is that large enough or should i step it up and get a larger one?

Try a 25 degree nozzle for 4.5 GPM in the surface cleaner. You shouldn’t have to go any larger then that. In fact, if you do, you’ll probably have stripes and problems.

The bypass line should be ok, as it came from the factory. You’re using a buffer tank, right? What kind of supply line are you running between your tank and your machine. If you’re getting enough flow to lift your surface cleaner off the ground, I can’t imagine you having trouble with flow to cause the problems you’re having with the wand. Try a different nozzle, like a 15 or 40 degree. It could be that the 25 degree either has some trash in it, which can be cleaned out using a paper clip, or it may be defective. I’ve had that happen once or twice.

yeah i have a 225 gallon keg style tank and i have 1 inch poly hose with a filter going to the pump in a straight line no 90 degrees fittings. I put a weight on the SC just to use it and it cleaned really good.

Forgot to ask… how long of a hose are you using?

O good question I didn’t think about that. I was only using 100ft but I do have another 150ft of extra

Try it with at least 200 foot of hose. That will probably fix it, if you’re using the right size tips.

First off what size surface machine are we talking about and is it a floater or one with wheels. If it’s a 20" floater let’s say you could easily make that fly with an 8gpm PW. The correct tips for that washer unless you want to decrease the PSI is if it’s 2 bar for example would be anything ending in 40. 2540,1540 or 4040 should be be the correct psi/gpm for those tips. The last 40 in a 2 bar system stands for 8gpm. In my Swabby for example there is 4 bars underneath so they all end in 25 because I use 10gpm thru it. So for example 1525 each tip means 15degree @ 10gpm total coming out underneath the surface deck.

Let’s us know exactly what size surface machine your using and if it’s a floater or on wheels. Just a hunch yours is a floater.

what size weight did you use??

the tip numbers should end in “20” for a two bar system (one bar w/two tips)

It’s a WW classic floater and I’m almost positive the tips are 2540’s. When It started to float I grabbed the first thing by me which was probably a 2lb log or heavier lol. Once I had it on there it worked great and there wasn’t any drag or anything and seemed to clean good. When I changed the tips I indexed the just like the ones that were in there from the factory so I don’t think that’s it. I’m new to all this so I know I have alot to learn so I hope I’m not annoying anyone with my questions

Ok just looked they say 25045 on the tips so I guess I’ll get some 40’s?

No, those are correct. Your machine is 8gpm at 3000psi and requires a 9 orifice tip. the 4.5 tips are correct. Play with the hose that travels from the trigger to the rotary union. Remove any zip ties that may be binding it into a position that force the surfacers deck to a set angle. Been there and done that.


Ill check but I actually removed one from when it was new and didn’t add any others that it came with.

Your right Mike, I was thinking about stopping soap flow when I mentioned the “20” tips

Installed a 90 degree onto the swivel and it still has to much lift! Think the hose is to new and not as flexible as it should be? I’m running out of ideas