Supply hose reel... i know I'm missing something

Okay so I’m about to pull the trigger on a new machine, reels, hose, etc… But I’m a little confused when it comes to the supply reel. Is there a special type of reel used for the supply line? The only one’s I’m seeing are for 3/8ths " hose or some have a 1/2" option. I’ve got hundreds of ft of 3/4" hose so I would hate to have to buy 1/2." Do you guys just put a 3/4-1/2" adapter on your hose?

Thanks in advance.

Just use the reel to hold the hose. If you try to feed the tank thru all the hose fittings and manifolds you will always be waiting on water. I use the same hannay reels that I use for pressure reels. They stack easily and you only have to buy one for the rest of your life.


So awesome

Thanks for the advice. Helpful as always.

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+1 on the handy reels! DO NOT GET A HOSE-TRACK, flimsy pile of crap.

You can put any sized hose on the reel with an adapter, but the plumbing in the reel will restrict the flow.

You can buy reels with 3/4 in plumbing. I’m running 5.5GPM out of 1/2 inch plumbing.

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Titan stacked or Haney?
been using Cox reels forever…

Never used Hannah but i have stacking titans and they’re great.

If you can afford them hannay reels are the best on the market. Any reel can be stacked


You said it, best reels hand down

Whatever you do I would go with the stainless steel.

Titan makes a reel with 1" manifold for incoming water lines, but the upcharge is about $75-$80 bucks if I remember.

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@Innocentbystander just because I’m a little simple sometimes. Will you post a picture of how you made you supply reel just for storage? I was getting ready to plumb my new poly tank (because you kept saying how dangerous totes are) and I’m trying to figure out how I want to do it

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Just roll up the hose on whatever reel you are using. Unhook what you need and stick in tank or to a jump line hooked to a Hudson valve if you use those. Point is to not flow water thru the manifold and swivel. Way to much restriction. I’ll find some pics on my phone later.

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Thanks for the pics!

I bought a Steel Eagle supply real with 3/4" interior manifold and fittings. Made specifically for supply hoses.

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I bought two Reelcraft reels used off Craigslist for next to nothing. The adage you get what you pay for applies. I hate them. I have 2 Coxreels in boxes in a pile of other stuff I haven’t had time or need to put together, but it sounds like I’m gonna hate those too from what I’ve read about them. I haven’t plumbed in hoses at all though with the exception of the supply hose to the tank, but I rarely run into occasions where I need to buffer. I’ve found it’s just as easy to pull the whole thing off the reel and pop it on via gator locks or quick connects.

I’ll probably keep it that way even when I switch out the reels.