Supply hose connector

What are you all using to connect the supply/garden hose to your machine? My CAT has the 3/4" male end. I have been using this from Lowes, but wondering if there is something more substantial.

Nvm what I said lol.

Yours should he 3/4 GHT thread… why not just screw the male hose to the female contraption your washer has?

But most on here don’t cart there washers around…so there hose is always attached (not screwing and unscrewing constantly.

But if you wanted to make your life a little easier take a piece of 3/4 spa hose and cut it so it’s 3 feet long and attach the a male 3/4 GHT barb to the inlet side and a 3/4GHT female on the other side. Keep that piece always attached to your washer. Now you don’t have to bend over or worry about messing up your threads.


Here’s the inlet fitting, and you can see the connector. Jeez I need to clean that dirt off.

You are running your pressure hose fittings backwards

How? My gun has male 3/4" inlet fittings.

Then your gun is backwards also. Why do you have 3/4 fittings on your gun. Male end leads the hose.

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It’s how the machine came out of the box, I didn’t alter it.

Vendors don’t always know what they are doing and manufacturers don’t either. How do you plug 3/8 hose into a 3/4 fitting on your gun. Every garden hose and fire hose has make leading for a reason. Friction loss. Plus, female leading couples can come disconnected if snagged on something

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Oh I meant 3/8". Too many fittings to keep track of.

I guess I can swap them, haven’t really had an issue as-is. Makes sense though as right now I’m using 50’ hose sections.

If your carting your machine around and it’s not fixed in a trailer or truck then take out the male quick connect plug… go to hardware store and get a (check sizes…3/8 in threads 3/4 hose barb)

Then do what I said above and create yourself a tail to help on your back.


I’m just rolling it out the trailer and running hoses, not really moving it much…although I did get lazy and wheel it around back a house with a steep hill the other day. Didn’t feel like unrolling my 100’ supply hose.

I think next season a 5/8" Flexzilla might be the ticket.

I think the reason why mine came with a female fitting is due to it being a ‘package’ deal in a box, with plastic gun and Simpson hose, probably geared more toward homeowner use. If it was sold as a single unit that fitting wouldn’t be on there.

To OP those connectors usually leak, they don’t have a tight seal… I stay away from them

What connector do you recommend?

These are the only ones I’ve found to be reliable. They aren’t cheap but definitely worth the money for around the shop or the house. Convenience is worth a lot to me. I have them on the 4 gpm pressure washer that I leave in the home garage.

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You might as well quit now and save yourself some frustration if you don’t like rolling and unrolling hoses, lol.


Definitely getting a hose reel next year, trying to buy a house right now so not in the budget.

I have a ‘reel’ of sorts, just a PITA as it’s on wheels.

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Mine has 8 years and going.
Way cheaper.
You pay for it and it is shipped by amazon